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Wadi is a tactical game in which players compete for the best spots to place their water pumps. The variable setup of the game board and the interaction between players ensure that Wadi can be played time and again.


Number of players: 2-4
Playing time: 20-30 Minutes
Age: 10 years and older
Playing level*: 5
Designer: Martyn F


* Playing level according to this scale: 1=Game of Goose, 3=Category 5/6 Nimmt, 5=Carcassonne, 6=Settlers of Catan, 8=Puerto Rico


2 Players 3/4 Players
Chance: 0 3
Tactics: 8 8
Strategy: 6 4
Interaction: 7 8
Communication: 3 3
Puzzling: 4 4


* Scores based on a scale from 1-10.


Online extras at the website of Martyn F:

- Comprehensive game info and more photos.

- Step by step demo game.

- Extra scenarios for setup of game board.

- More strategic variants for advanced players.



39 Land tiles, 17 Wadi tiles, 28 Shadoofs and 21 Water pawns , 1 Talisman (made of glass!) and Game rules .


Pictures of the box and the contents:

The box, back side of the box and the contents.


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