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Wadi - The Watchmen




Wadi - The Watchmen


Wadi - The Watchmen is a strategical expansion for Wadi. Every player has a Watchman. You can use this watchman to temporarily block a strategically interesting area and 'reserve' it for yourself.


Number of players: 2-4
Playing time: 20-30 Minutes
Age: 10 years and older
Playing level*: 6
Designer: Martyn F


* Playing level according to this scale: 1=Game of Goose, 3=Category 5/6 Nimmt, 5=Carcassonne, 6=Settlers of Catan, 8=Puerto Rico


2 Players 3/4 Players
Chance: 0 3
Tactics: 7 7
Strategy: 8 8
Interaction: 7 8
Communication: 3 3
Puzzling: 6 6


* Scores based on a scale from 1-10.


Online extras at the website of Martyn F:

- Comprehensive game info and more photos.



Contents of the sachet
4 Watchmen and game rules. Plus a plexiglas tile and a sticker for The Fork



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